Your baby's first birthday is a milestone that should be celebrated. While you may be tempted to go with traditional gifts, it can be fun to give them something they can use now and for many years to come.

First birthday gift ideas are all about entertaining your baby while giving parents some much-needed downtime. Most of these toys are simple and engaging so your baby can learn through play and have lots of fun doing it. These types of toys also make great keepsakes as your child grows because they often stick with the age group they're intended for.

We've divided our picks into categories based on the developmental stage of babies at this age so you can find something that fits your little one best. Younger babies will benefit from toys that help build motor skills while older ones need more interactive ones that teach through play. We've included both kinds here plus other types like sensory tools and musical instruments just in case you want to mix things up a bit.

How We Choose

For your little guy's first birthday, you want to give him something that he'll love and that will help him grow and develop. Our team of experienced baby experts scoured the market for the best first birthday gifts for boys, taking into account factors like safety, quality, durability, ease of use and customer satisfaction ratings. We also considered which toys are most popular with other parents. From there, we narrowed our list down to only those products that met or exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and customer satisfaction ratings.

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below! All of these products were independently selected by our editors, and some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with. But all opinions in this article are our own. And FYI - ThingsTrusted may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something. Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Enjoy finding your next favorite thing!

The SEREED Baby Balance Bike is a simple and sturdy bike that's perfect for little ones who are just learning to pedal. It doesn't have any scary-looking parts like pedals, so it's totally safe for your baby.

The bike comes in four different colors and has a non-slip handle so you can easily move it around the house or outside on sunny days. The seat is made from soft plastic with handles on top for extra comfort, and there's even a shock absorber in between the pedals which helps make pedaling easier.

The frame of this balance bike is made from aluminum alloy, making it very sturdy but light enough that you can easily carry it when needed if you're going out into the garden to play too far away to help your child learn how to pedal properly.

The ALASOU Toy Truck is a brightly colored, well-made and sturdy truck that's ideal for little hands. It's easy to push and pull around with just three buttons on the front, so it'll be simple to get your toddler started off right.

The design of the truck is simple but effective – there are no nonessential features such as gears or suspension, which allows you to focus on developing fine motor skills instead. This means they can really work those fingers and thumbs when learning how to operate a toy car safely.

As we mentioned earlier in our review, this truck isn't suitable for children under 12 months old due to small parts that could pose a choking hazard if swallowed. The fact that it's bright blue and yellow makes it even more obvious not to put these into mouths at all though - why risk losing an expensive toy when there are plenty of other options out there?

The BeKiloLE Balance Bike is a super sturdy bike that's suitable from 10 months old up to 4 years. The bike has six inch wheels, which are enclosed so there's no chance of them getting damaged or side falling off. There's also a 135 degree steering limiter to prevent sharp turns.

The seat and handlebars are cushioned for added comfort, while the 6-inch pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride. As well as being ideal for beginners, this is also great for exercising your older child as it doesn't need pedaling - which means they can get some more serious exercise without you needing to worry about them hurting themselves on an actual bike.

If you're looking for a simple plush play set that's suitable for babies and toddlers alike, the Gund Baby My First Sports Bag Stuffed Plush Set is just what you need. It has all of the essentials kids will need to explore their love of sports – from baseball to soccer and basketball – in an easy-to-handle way that doesn't involve a real ball or bat.

The set comes with five soft toys, including a stuffed green sports bag, a squeaky basketball and four more colorful balls: a red one, blue one, yellow one and black one. There's also a rattle shaped like a football so kids can pretend to be on the field using their imagination instead of actual props.

It's great because it encourages active play while still being safe enough for even the youngest players. The only thing we'd change is how floppy this plush toy playset gets when handled roughly by young kids who aren't as gentle with their toys as they should be yet. However, if your child is careful with his or her Gund plush toys then this isn't going to be an issue at all!

The Radio Flyer Busy Buggy is a very versatile baby push toy. It's not just a walker and ride-on, it can also be used as a three-in-one play station for little ones to explore their mobility skills.

It comes with 17 interactive activities to help your child develop fine and gross motor skills, including sliding beads, clicking wheels, interlocking gears and more. There are even buttons that make different noises for added fun along the way.

The design of this push scooter means it has an anti-tip mechanism on the back which helps beginners learn how to safely navigate the world around them – making this one of the best push toys for 1 year olds available today.

First Birthday Gifts For Boys FAQs

There's a lot to learn about the best gift for your child's first birthday!

It can be tough to choose the perfect present. There are a lot of different options out there, and it can be tough to figure out which one is right for your family.

We've put together a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about first birthday gifts for boys so that you can make an informed decision when picking out the perfect present. With this information, you'll be able to confidently select a gift that your little boy will love!

Which Gift Is Best For 1 Year Baby Boy?

When choosing a gift for a baby boy, you'll want to make sure that your gift is safe. For their first birthday, most babies are learning to walk and play with toys; therefore, you'll want to get something that's easy for them to hold and won't present any choking hazards. Additionally, if you have other children of similar ages or playgroups, consider getting something educational or age-appropriate so the toy can be passed around.

Some gifts are especially great because they grow with the child as he gets older: books and board games are good options because they allow 1 year olds to practice language skills while also giving them an early history lesson. Other gifts like musical instruments help children learn discipline and persistence while also providing opportunities for creativity when playing with friends and family members.

As well as choosing a thoughtful selection of toys based on your child's interests and stage of development, bear in mind his likes when it comes to clothing too – boys tend to be more boisterous than girls so you'll need sturdy clothes that can stand up to roughhousing. Also bear in mind how fast he grows; otherwise he may quickly outgrow some of his new toys!

What Is The Best Birthday Gift For Baby Boy?

When it comes to birthday gifts for baby boys, you want to choose something that's both age appropriate and exciting. You also want to be sure the gift is safe, so a good rule of thumb is not to choose anything with small parts or sharp edges.

If your baby boy is starting to crawl, you might consider buying him a colorful ball or some other type of toy that he can play with on the floor. If he's a little older and loves water play, a floating whale bath toy will keep him occupied for hours at bath time. Other safe but fun ideas include board books and toys that feature his favorite characters such as Disney characters, superheroes, dinosaurs or construction vehicles.

What Should I Gift A 1 Year Old?

1 year olds aren't babies any more, but they're not yet toddlers either. They're starting to experiment and play on their own, showing interest in toys that are a little more challenging. Babies at this stage will love toys that encourage them to crawl or walk around. At the same time, it's important not to overwhelm them with too many choices or too much stimulation so they can learn how to regulate their emotions and behavior.

The best gifts for 1 year olds should be developmentally appropriate while still being fun and exciting for the baby. Toys that help teach colors, letters, shapes, numbers, and counting are great choices because they encourage cognitive development as well as physical growth. Soft stuffed animals and dolls are also good options if you want something a little cuddlier than some of the other types of toys out there.

What Are Good First Birthday Ideas?

A first birthday is a milestone event, so it's natural to want to go all out and throw an over-the-top party. But before you start planning, take some time to consider your budget and find creative ways to cut costs where possible.

Even if you have the resources available to throw a huge bash, it's worth considering other options as well. A first birthday isn't like a baby shower or graduation party; this is the one chance parents will get to celebrate their child's very first year with all of their loved ones in one place. That means that even if you're hosting a small gathering at home, it can feel just as special – without the stress of going all out for an elaborate ceremony.

Whichever route you choose, there are great ideas for first birthday party games and activities that can keep kids entertained without costing too much money or taking up too much space on your property.


Whether it's your first child or fifth, the first birthday is a milestone in every parent's journey. With this milestone comes the responsibility of choosing thoughtful gifts that celebrate your little one's special day.

For parents who have never been through their child's first birthday before, the process can seem overwhelming. However, with a little research and preparation you can find an amazing gift that celebrates your baby boy in a way he deserves! Our team at Reviewed by Parents has done all the hard work for you so you can make sure you choose the best gift possible - without breaking the bank! Click the below links to begin shopping.

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