40th birthday parties are a great opportunity to celebrate the milestone of turning forty, while also marking another decade in life. While it's tempting to take a trip down memory lane and re-live all those teenage years with decorations, party games and music from the 1980s, you can actually have a lot of fun paying homage to your current age by decorating the venue with 40s inspired designs and music from your current decade.

In fact, some may argue that this is even more enjoyable because it allows you to reflect on where you are now in life as opposed to looking back at where you've been.

For example, rather than playing popular party tunes from when you were just 16 years old (like “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard), you might want to include more recent hits like “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift or “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. Likewise, instead of running around the room doing the Macarena or crackling balloon animals shaped like Pac-Man characters (a two 80s reference in one sentence!), consider putting together an aerobics video that pays homage to today's popular workout classes.

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We've rounded up the best 40th birthday gifts for wife to help you find something she'll love. Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift or want to treat her to something special, take a look at our picks below.

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The Gelid Is You 40 Wine Glass is the perfect gift for any occasion, and it's available in a range of different colors to suit your personal style. The glass features a black outer rim and sturdy stemless base, making this an ergonomic design that fits easily in your hand.

The translucent 15 ounce glass holds wine or other beverages with ease and can be used to serve cocktails as well as red or white wines. This stemless wine glass is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, although we recommend washing it by hand if you want to keep the imprinted design looking its best.

The Gelid Is You 40 Wine Glass is designed to hold up against heat, so if you're planning on warming up your wine before drinking it out of this funny glasses then make sure you only fill them halfway otherwise they could warp over time.

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If you're looking for a gift that's going to last, this four-ring necklace is ideal. It will remind her of all the years she's spent with you.

The four silver circles are linked with a silver chain, and when worn together they form a pretty necklace. The design features an elegant finish, so it looks great on its own or layered with other necklaces or bracelets too.

As well as looking beautiful, the set comes in a high-quality gift box which makes it easy to give away as a gift. This is perfect if you want your friend to receive something thoughtful but don't know what else to get them on their big day.

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The Gearbubble Wishbone Dancing Necklace is a beautiful way to show off your love of dancing. It's made from sterling silver and 14K gold, so it's guaranteed to last for many years. The necklace has two different types of metal, making it more durable than other necklaces like this one.

Its design is simple but elegant, with a simple half-and-half split in the middle that makes for a light and airy look. At the bottom there are three delicate pendant shapes in white gold plated brass – these are the petals that make up the wishbone shape at the top of the necklace. They're triple-plated to prevent tarnish, helping them retain their shine over time.

The wishbone has an adjustable chain as well as being double-strung on both sides which means you can wear it shorter or longer if needed too - great if you've lost some weight and want your necklace to sit lower on your neckline. This makes it ideal for layering with thinner chains underneath when you're wearing multiple pieces at once or layering over each other depending on how much space you have left between each piece of jewelry you own. Its a fun gift and the birthday girl will love this.

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"Are you looking for the perfect gift for a 40-year-old woman in your life? Look no further than the "Other 40 Year Olds Me Unicorn" coffee mug! This funny white porcelain mug holds 11 oz of your favorite tea or coffee, making it the perfect companion for any morning.

Not only is it functional, but it is also made of high-quality materials and is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe. Plus, it is packaged and shipped from the USA in a custom made styrofoam package to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

This mug is great for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just because. Give the gift of laughter and a practical item with the "Other 40 Year Olds Me Unicorn" coffee mug. Order yours today!". 40th birthday is a significant birthday and its is the great gift idea for the birthday celebration.

Why we like it.

"Are you searching for the perfect 40th birthday gift for your wife? Look no further than the "It Took Me 40 Years To Look This Good" coffee mug! This mug is not only a funny and heartfelt gift, but also a practical one for any tea or coffee lover.

Made of high-quality materials and holding 11 oz, this mug is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe. Plus, it's packaged and shipped from the USA in a custom made styrofoam package to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Not just for birthdays, this mug is a great gift for any occasion. Show your wife how much you appreciate her and her sense of humor with the "It Took Me 40 Years To Look This Good" coffee mug. Order yours today!" It is a best practical gift for your wife's 40th birthday.

Best 40th Birthday Gifts For Wife FAQs

You want to get your wife the perfect 40th birthday gift, but you don't know where to start.

It can be hard to know what the right gift is for your wife when you're trying to find that perfect present for her special day. It's even more difficult if this is your first time celebrating her big 4-0! Don't worry though, we've got you covered with our curated list of the best gifts for women turning 40!

What Can I Get My Wife For Her 40th?

If your wife is a little older than 40, you might be wondering what gift to get. After all, 40th birthdays are for celebrating the next chapter of her life and many women look forward to this milestone by doing something different or outrageous. If you're still unsure about what to get her, consider one of these unique gifts that she'll love but also fit right in with her new chapter:

A trip together could be exactly what she needs after years of raising children. Get creative and choose a place where she can experience things she never has before like scuba diving in the Caribbean or riding an elephant in Thailand. A spa treatment package is another great option since most women won't take enough time out for themselves on their birthday – let alone the year's anniversary. Or just book a stay at a nearby bed and breakfast so you can spend quality time together and explore the area at leisure.

Which Birthday Gift Is Best For Wife?

When it comes to birthdays, wives can be a little tricky to please. They don't want too much fuss, but they also want to feel appreciated and loved. If you're wondering what your wife wants for her birthday, consider these factors:

Consider the timing. Unless you have unlimited funds and no sense of decency, only buy your wife a really expensive gift if she's been down on her luck or if you know she has been wanting something very specific for a long time. Otherwise, it will just seem like an opportunistic grab at credit card points. (On the other hand …)

Unless you have unlimited funds and no sense of decency, only buy your wife a really expensive gift if she's been down on her luck or if you know she has been wanting something very specific for a long time. Otherwise, it will just seem like an opportunistic grab at credit card points. (On the other hand …) Ask thoughtful questions beforehand . It may sound obvious, but find out what kind of gifts your wife likes before shopping by asking questions when you're together or after doing some online sleuthing using services such as Amazon's Audible app . Even better: Get her talking about herself by making open-ended statements rather than yes/no questions about whether she likes things — even seemingly simple statements can be misinterpreted in this context! For example: "You look so pretty in that outfit" is better than "Do you like that outfit?" unless there are contextual clues that suggest otherwise (e.g., "I borrowed it from my sister"). Likewise: "It must feel amazing to have published that book!" is better than simply asking whether she liked the book itself unless there are clear contextual reasons why that might matter more to her (e.g., because you've read all her books). Such general observations help wives feel genuinely understood without lots of awkward follow-up questions — which makes them happy!

What To Do For A Womans 40th Birthday?

It's a milestone birthday and no doubt you want to make it special for your best friend. Whether she wants to party hard all weekend or prefer something more low-key, our guide will help you choose the right celebration for her.

If she's the kind of woman who loves to celebrate, then why not go all out with a huge bash? You can find venues that are perfect for 40th birthdays in your local area by searching online or checking out party shops in person. Or if you'd rather keep things low-key, book a table at her favorite restaurant instead and surprise her with some friends and family on the day itself. If you're having a party, remember that gold is the color associated with this milestone so think about decor ideas like gold balloons and streamers as well as high-end gifts (lots of jewelry stores have collections especially made for birthdays). You could even put together an album of photos taken throughout her life which would be sure to bring tears of laughter!

Alternatively, consider booking an activity session such as pole dancing lessons or a private cocktail class where she can learn new skills from professionals in a fun environment. Another idea is going on holiday together; whether it's an exotic beach break or city trip there's so much scope for adventure when traveling abroad with close friends. So long as everyone agrees beforehand what their limits are when it comes to drinking and other behaviors, there should be no pressure and lots of laughs guaranteed – plus memories made to last forever

What Is The Traditional Gift For 40th?

Traditionally, the 40th birthday is considered to be a milestone and a time for celebration. As such, traditional gifts are more extravagant than those given for other birthdays. Some ideas include vacation packages, luxury items like jewelry or high-end furniture, or even charitable contributions such as an endowed scholarship at their alma mater.

If you're looking for something less expensive but still appropriate for a milestone birthday, consider giving gift cards that reflect your loved one's interests. For example, if they love to golf, get them a gift card to their favorite golf store or pro shop. If they like fine dining and are passionate about food in general, give them a high-end restaurant gift card that will let them indulge in their favorite cuisine without breaking the bank too much.

If you're feeling a little behind on the gift front, don't panic. All is not lost. There are plenty of thoughtful and unusual gifts that will impress your other half without breaking the bank.

You could take part in one of the many charity events taking place over Christmas, such as a dress-a-pudlum event or wrapping paper sale. Not only will you be gifting something useful to a good cause, but it'll also show her how much you care about her values and passions and make your gift more personal than any store-bought item ever could be.

Of course, if that feels like too much effort then there are plenty of simple alternatives out there. You could buy yourself an Amazon Prime subscription for her and hers for yourself so that you can both stream TV shows together online for free each month - which some people might say is better than getting an actual present anyway! Or how about treating her to a spa day? These are becoming increasingly popular, with several companies offering them at affordable prices across the country - perfect if she's just had a tough year at work!


With so many different options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start when looking for the perfect 40th birthday gift for your wife. Consider her interests and hobbies, lifestyle and level of involvement in activities, as well as financial constraints when making a decision. Research different companies and read reviews online before purchasing any gifts to ensure you're getting quality products at a reasonable price. Additionally, if she is close with family or friends then consider giving an experience together as a present rather than an object. This way everyone involved can have fun celebrating her milestone birthday together! Click the below links to begin shopping

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