Whether you have a cat, dog, or any other type of pet, it's no surprise that pet hair can be a problem. It's easy to spot when your fur baby has left its mark on the couch or carpet, but there are some less obvious spots where pet hair can accumulate. Keep reading to learn about the unexpected areas pet owners should keep an eye on in order to minimize the spread of fur around their homes.

On Your Clothes and Bedding
It seems like no matter how often you wash your clothes, you still find yourself covered with pet hair. This is because animals shed fur not only when they are being brushed or groomed, but also just from moving around or snuggling up against you. To help prevent this from happening, try brushing and grooming your pets outside—not only will it keep the fur out of your house, but it can also be a great bonding experience for you and your furry companion! Additionally, make sure to regularly wash bedding and clothing items that come into contact with your pet. This will reduce the amount of hair that accumulates over time.

On Hard Surfaces
You may think hard surfaces like tables and countertops would be safe from pet hair buildup, but unfortunately not! Your four-legged family members leave behind little traces of fur everywhere they go—including on those shiny surfaces in your kitchen or living room. To combat this problem, try wiping down these areas every few days with a damp cloth and vacuum regularly. Also consider investing in furniture covers or slipcovers which can help prevent pet hair from sticking to chairs and couches as well as make them easier to clean.

In Your Air Filter
Your air filter works hard every day to keep dust particles out of your home’s air supply—but it also catches more than its fair share of pet hair too! Over time, this buildup can actually cause your filter to become clogged which essentially negates its purpose of filtering out pollutants in the air. To ensure that your filter is working at peak efficiency levels, check it monthly for signs of debris such as dirt and pet hair; if necessary, replace the filter or at least clean out the accumulated particles before putting it back in place.

Keeping track of all the places where pet hair can build up can seem overwhelming—but thankfully there are some simple solutions that can help reduce most instances! Regularly brushing and grooming your pets outdoors, washing clothes frequently (especially those that come into contact with pets), wiping down hard surfaces with a damp cloth every few days, and replacing/cleaning out air filters monthly will go a long way toward minimizing unwanted fur throughout your home. With just a few extra steps each week you'll be able to enjoy more quality time with your furry family member without having to worry about a mess afterward!

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