Goldendoodles are a very popular breed of dog due to their gentle, loving nature and intelligence. While they are not hypoallergenic, they do have low-shedding coats that require regular brushing and maintenance. This article will discuss the don'ts of brushing a Goldendoodle so you can ensure your pup is getting the best care possible.

Don’t Brush Too Often
Goldendoodles should be brushed once or twice a week, depending on how long their coat is. If you brush too often, you risk damaging their delicate fur by stripping away the natural oils needed to keep it healthy and shiny. When brushing your pup, never use more than two strokes in one area—any more than that can cause irritation or make them uncomfortable.

Don’t Use Human Hair Brushes
Human hair brushes should never be used on dogs because the bristles are too stiff and may cause damage to their fur. Instead, look for brushes specifically designed for dogs with softer bristles that won’t irritate their skin or pull at the fur unnecessarily. There are also certain types of combs designed specifically for Goldendoodles with longer coats—these can help detangle any knots without causing discomfort.

Don’t Forget About Their Ears
It's important to remember that Goldendoodles have floppy ears which need extra attention during grooming sessions. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe down the inside of their ears every few days to remove any dirt or debris and prevent infection from building up. Do not use cotton swabs as this can push dirt further into the ear canal and cause injury. Also, trimming around the edges of their ears will help keep them neat and tidy!

A Goldendoodle's coat requires regular maintenance in order to stay healthy and shiny—but it's important to know what not to do when brushing your pup! Make sure you're using the right brush with soft bristles, don't brush too often (once or twice a week should suffice), and always remember to pay special attention to their ears when grooming them. Following these tips will ensure your Goldendoodle looks its best without causing any harm!

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