The best potato storage container is a must-have if you have a home or office pantry full of potatoes. These handy tools keep your spuds fresh for longer, so you can stock up on them at the supermarket and use them when you need to without having to worry about food waste.

Potatoes are versatile, nutritious and cheap but they do go off quickly – especially in warmer temperatures. Storing them correctly means that they will last as long as possible, and this means finding the right potato storage container - just like every other fruit or vegetable type.

The right potato storage container should be airtight to help keep out airborne moisture, while also being deep enough to accommodate all types of potatoes (fingerling varieties may not stack up too well next to russets). A handle makes it easy to carry the bin around your kitchen or throughout your home if needed; similarly, handles are useful for moving the bin into and out of cupboard shelving units. Some models even have wheels for easy transport between rooms.

How We Choose

We put a variety of potato storage containers through their paces, measuring how well they kept potatoes fresh over time and how easily they were to use. We also evaluated each container for durability, considering the materials it was made from as well as any warranty information provided by the manufacturer.

In our search for the best potato storage container, we considered factors such as size (some people only need to store a few potatoes at a time while others might want a bigger option for storing lots of spuds), shape (cylindrical or square/rectangular?), material (plastic or metal?) and price point. With all of this in mind, we narrowed down our list to only the absolute best potato storage containers on the market today – trust us, your spuds will thank you!

Granrosi Potato Storage For Pantry, Canister Sets for the Kitchen Counter, Onion Storage Containers, Garlic Keeper For Counter, Potato and Onion Storage Bin, Onion Keeper, Potato Bin, Potatoes Storage Potato Storage - White

Granrosi Potato Storage For Pantry, Canister Sets for the Kitchen Counter, Onion Storage Containers, Garlic Keeper For Counter, Potato and Onion Storage Bin, Onion Keeper, Potato Bin, Potatoes Storage Potato Storage - White

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The Granrosi potato storage jar is a great choice if you're looking for something that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It has a retro-inspired design, which means it looks good on your kitchen counter while also providing more space in the fridge.

The Granrosi can store up to 3.2 pounds of potatoes so it's ideal for storing onions, garlic, and potatoes alike. The base of the pot is made from sturdy steel and it comes with a lid to help keep your produce fresh longer than usual.

We found this pot was easy to clean, but we did notice some rust stains after only three weeks' use - though they didn't affect the quality or usability of the product at all.

Kitchen Vegetable Storage Tins Set of 2 for Potatoes, Onion, with wooden lid Garlic Bin Caddy, Long Shelf Life-white Set of 2 White

Kitchen Vegetable Storage Tins Set of 2 for Potatoes, Onion, with wooden lid Garlic Bin Caddy, Long Shelf Life-white Set of 2 White

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Our favorite vegetable storage box is the Garlic Bin Caddy from Gdfjiy. This double-lined, wooden-lid box has a spacious interior that can hold up to 2 gallons of produce.

Its sloped sides make it easy to load and unload, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee for worry-free use. The Gdfjiy Garlic Bin Caddy is designed to fit perfectly on your kitchen countertop, but will also stand upright when filled. No other vegetable storage container we tested could match this feature set at such an affordable price point.

The only downside of this product is that while its lid fits snugly over the bin's opening, it doesn't keep out pests like flies or ants and isn't dishwasher-safe (although you can wash away any remnants of pests with soap and warm water).

Tupperware Modular Potato Storage Bin Container

Tupperware Modular Potato Storage Bin Container

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The Tupperware 5.5-Quart Smart Pot is the best selling smart container on our list due to its quality construction, impressive capacity, and simple operation. It's a sturdy plastic design that isn't overly heavy but feels like it can take some knocks if you're clumsy.

The lid flips up easily so you can access the food inside without removing all of the contents from your fridge at once. You also get a pretty generous opening which means easy access without having to dig through your food items or rearrange them in any way whatsoever.

It holds plenty of potatoes too which is great for making sure they don't feel squashed by over-packing your other containers - Tupperware says this one can hold up to 48 pounds worth of potatoes before they start getting damaged!

Best Potato Storage Container FAQs

You might not realize it, but there is actually quite a bit of confusion when it comes to storing potatoes. It can be hard to know what the best option is!

You don't want to end up with a bad potato storage container, especially if you just spent good money on some spuds. Or worse yet, you could accidentally store your potatoes in something that will ruin them! We've compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions about potato storage and included the most helpful answers below. Rest assured, solid pine after answering these questions, you'll know exactly how to store your potatoes so they'll last longer!

Which Kind Of Storage Container Is Best For Storing Potatoes?

Generally speaking, the best container for potatoes is one that's breathable so that moisture can escape. Regular plastic storage bags are not ideal because they trap in moisture, leading to rot. If you have a lot of potatoes to store, it may be worth investing in a potato storage bin or chest freezer. These specially designed containers allow for optimal airflow around the potatoes and tend to keep them fresh for much longer than regular storage methods.

If you don't want to invest in a specialized container, regular cardboard boxes with holes punched in the sides will work well too as long as you're conscientious about making sure there aren't any wet spuds at the bottom of your box! You can also line a cardboard box with newspaper if you have lots of potatoes to store and want an extra layer of protection against bruising. Just make sure you replace the newspaper when you take out any particular potato so as not to get ink on it!

What Is The Best Potato Storage Bag?

It can be hard to know what you need in a potato storage bag, especially if you're buying one for the first time. Most bags are made from strong but breathable fabric that's been designed to keep potatoes fresh without causing them to sprout.

You'll also find that many potato storage bags wash potatoes, are designed with special features such as handles, Velcro fasteners, root cellar, air circulation and even water-resistant properties. These extras might not be necessary for your purposes though so it's worth thinking about how you plan on using your potatoes before choosing a storage bag.

One thing we'd recommend is looking for a well-ventilated bag – this will help reduce the risk of rot and ensure your potatoes stay fresher for longer once you've bought them home.

What Is The Best Way To Store Potatoes Long Term?

The best way to store potatoes long term is in a cool, dark place with good ventilation (not sealed in plastic bags). Potatoes will last for several months if stored properly. If you have excess potatoes, it's best to store them for up to three months. Beyond that time period, their quality will start to degrade and they may begin sprouting or growing mold.

The ideal storage conditions are between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity (no less than 80 percent). The best long-term storage small ventilation holes method is an outdoor pit or trench that has been lined with newspaper and filled with potatoes (not touching each other). Make sure the potatoes aren't exposed to direct sunlight. Also, add some water every few weeks so they don't dry out completely.

Do Potato Storage Bins Work?

Potato storage bins are specially designed to help you keep your potatoes dry and away from pests. They're also sealed so that no moisture can get in, which will stop your potato's skin from turning brown.

It's worth noting that when storing potatoes outside of cold storage, it's generally recommended that you only keep them for around three months. So if you have a bumper crop, look for a large potato storage bin that will hold as many tubers as possible, but make sure you use them quickly.

If space isn't an issue and like the idea of having lots of spuds on hand over the winter months, then consider purchasing several smaller bins which can be rotated to give your crop some fresh air – this is important because potatoes don't like being kept in the dark or damp conditions.

We've found some great deals on potato storage bins online including at Amazon where they currently have five-star reviews and start at just $29.00 including shipping options with 10 cubic feet in capacity up to 38 cubic feet depending on which size you pick up.

How Do Farmers Store Potatoes in potato storage containers?

Potatoes are best stored in a cool, dark place. They can last for months in good condition as long as they stay dry. Proper storage is important because potatoes tend to grow sprouts and shoots if left sitting too long on a countertop or in a cupboard.

When storing potatoes, keep them away from onions; the gases released by onions will cause potatoes to rot quickly. Also avoid placing potatoes near apples or other fruits, as these produce gases that can promote rotting. Potatoes should be kept away from direct sources of heat, such as ovens and stoves, which can increase their rate of deterioration.

In addition to storing them in a cool location with good ventilation and moderate humidity levels, it's important not to overcrowd your potatoes when storing them since this will encourage rot; allow about 2 inches of space between each potato whenever possible.


The best potato storage container should be leak-proof and made from BPA-free materials. It should also have the correct size openings to prevent spills when reopening after use, as well as a secure lid that fits tightly closed. The right container will keep your potatoes fresh for longer so you can cook with them at any time without worrying about spoilage. With careful selection of a quality potato storage container, you can be sure that your spuds will remain crispy even weeks after purchase!

Granrosi Potato Storage For Pantry, Canister Sets for the Kitchen Counter, Onion Storage Containers, Garlic Keeper For Counter, Potato and Onion Storage Bin, Onion Keeper, Potato Bin, Potatoes Storage Potato Storage - White

Kitchen Vegetable Storage Tins Set of 2 for Potatoes, Onion, with wooden lid Garlic Bin Caddy, Long Shelf Life-white Set of 2 White

Tupperware Modular Potato Storage Bin Container

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