Whether you're an avid runner, walker, or lifter, having a bad ankle injury can take your favorite activity off the table.

If you've suffered a fracture to your calcaneus (or heel bone), it is extremely important that you wear supportive shoes post op shoe to help alleviate some of the stress on your ankles and lower legs square toe design acts. While many people think this means giving up running forever, there are plenty of shoes on the market that can keep your feet happy while still allowing you to get out for a jog every once in a while.

To make sure you're choosing the best shoe after calcaneal fracture for your needs, we've rounded up our top recommendations for every type of arch and gait style below foot pain.

How We Choose

We read through all the expert opinions and looked at thousands of customer reviews to get an idea of what features are most important in a good shoe healing boot after calcaneal fracture maximum support. We also reached out to multiple experts for their recommendations so we could get a well-rounded view of the market correct position. After taking all of this information into consideration, we were able to narrow down our list to only the absolute best shoes according to the following criteria:

Fit: The shoes on our list should fit comfortably without being too loose or too tight.

Support: The shoes on our list should provide adequate support for walking, standing, and general everyday wear without causing any unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Comfort: The shoes on our list should be comfortable enough for long periods of wear without causing any blisters or other signs of irritation.

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot | Walker for Fracture Recovery, Protection and Healing after Foot or Ankle Injuries (Small) Small (Pack of 1)

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot | Walker for Fracture Recovery, Protection and Healing after Foot or Ankle Injuries (Small) Small (Pack of 1)

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The BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot are a great option for anyone who has suffered from a broken toe or foot injury. They provide protection and support to the area, while also being comfortable to wear.

The rocker bottom design provides a more natural walking experience, without causing additional strain on the injured area. The medical-grade fastener straps allow you to customize the fit, so they will be snug enough around your foot but still allow room for swelling and bandaging. These boots are designed with fracture recovery in mind, so they're particularly useful if you have recently had surgery or bunion removal post op shoes.

They're also effective at protecting against other types of toe injuries  fractured bone where immobilization is required yet you need to be able to walk while healing.

BraceAbility Post-op Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe | Medical / Surgical Walking Shoe Cast Boot, Stress Fracture Brace & Orthopedic Sandal with Hard Sole (LARGE - MALE) Male Large (Pack of 1)

BraceAbility Post-op Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe | Medical / Surgical Walking Shoe Cast Boot, Stress Fracture Brace & Orthopedic Sandal with Hard Sole (LARGE - MALE) Male Large (Pack of 1)

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The BraceAbility post-op shoe is a great option for anyone who has undergone surgery on their foot or toe. The orthopedic foam insole provides cushioning and shock absorption, helping to reduce pain and inflammation.

The lightweight, orthopedic foam construction provides excellent support and protection after an injury or surgery on the toe, foot, ankle or leg. The square toe box acts as a bumper to protect the toes from impact while walking. The semi-open style allows air flow for added comfort during rehabilitation.

The innovative strap & square-toe design offers a safe and secure fit with three adjustable medical grade fastener straps that easily accommodate bandaging and swelling. The rocker sole provides extra stability after surgeries for broken toes, bunions, hammer toes etc., making it easier to walk without slipping or falling when wearing these shoes.

Medline ORT30300WM Semi-Rigid Post-Op Shoe, Medium, Women, Black

Medline ORT30300WM Semi-Rigid Post-Op Shoe, Medium, Women, Black

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The ORT30300WM from Medline is a great option for anyone looking for a shoe that offers both comfort and support. The post-op shoes have a molded heel collar and an adjustable strap that ensure secure fit, while the cushioned rocker sole provides natural gait.

The removable tongue also allows for easy on and off, making these shoes ideal for those who need to change their footwear often. The loop lock closure ensures an easy, secure fit, while the durable nylon upper provides both comfort and support. These shoes are available in men's sizes 7-9 and women's sizes 6.5-8, making them suitable for a wide range of feet types.

Overall, the ORT30300WM from Medline are great option for anyone looking to purchase high quality post op shoes at an affordable price point. They provide excellent comfort with plush cushioning underfoot as well as superior stability due to the rocker sole design - all without sacrificing looks or style!

Best Shoe After Calcaneal Fracture FAQs

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about recovering from a calcaneal fracture, and our top answers.

Can You Fully Recover From A Calcaneus Fracture?

If surgery isn't needed to correct the problem, recovery time for a fractured calcaneus can take anywhere from three months to a year. During this period of recovery, physical therapy will be important in restoring mobility and strength throughout the lower leg and foot region.

If surgery is required to fix your calcaneus fracture, you can expect to spend anywhere from six weeks up to three months recovering. The reason for such a wide range is because there are several different types of surgeries that may be required depending on the severity of your injury. For example, some patients only need their bone fragments shaved down while others require an implant (such as a plate or screw) to hold everything in place.

When you're recovering after surgery, plantar fasciitis pain, adjustable ankle straps it's important not to put any weight on your injured foot until your doctor gives you approval. This means crutches or a wheelchair will likely be necessary while you recover at home following surgery.

What Shoes To Wear After A Broken Heel foot pain?

The best type of shoes to wear after you've broken a heel are flats and sneakers. This will help distribute the pressure so that no one spot takes too much of it. It's also good to alternate pairs so your heels have time to recover.

If you need to wear heels, try ones with rubber soles instead of leather or suede, which can absorb less shock compared to rubber. You can also check out our list of best insoles if you want to give your feet a little extra support while walking.

What Are The Long-term Effects Of Calcaneus Fracture?

The long-term effects of a calcaneus fracture may depend on the severity of the break and whether it was treated surgically or with non-operative treatment. In general, a calcaneus fracture that has not been properly treated can lead to other health problems like: osteoporosis;

osteoarthritis in the ankle joint; and

chronic pain at the back of your heel. A calcaneal spur is also common after a fracture because of repeated stress on this area. A spur is a small bone projection that can be painful and uncomfortable. To reduce discomfort, shoes after calcaneal fracture air and blood flow walking boots, you may need to have your doctor remove the spur surgically through an outpatient procedure called endoscopic surgery.

How Long Is Recovery For Broken Calcaneus heel pain?

While the exact recovery time will depend on the severity of the break, square toe design acts it's typical for a person to be able to get around with a walking boot or crutches after just two weeks. This can often be followed by another two weeks of physical therapy orthopedic shoe store, before patients are cleared to exercise fully again.

It's not uncommon for some people to feel pain even after they've returned to normal activities, foot cool, rigid rocker sole, but this is generally considered normal as long as it doesn't worsen over time and doesn't interfere with their regular activities. Be sure to see your doctor if pain becomes severe or persists over several months.

What Exercises Help Calcaneal Fractures heel bone?

While you're recovering from a calcaneal fracture, your doctor will likely recommend that you wear a protective boot or shoe to help stabilize your foot. You may also be encouraged to elevate your feet as often as possible.

Exercises can begin once the pain lessens and you have proper support. These exercises focus on strengthening the muscles around your Achilles tendon and calf to provide stability while walking, standing, and running.

To do the calf raise exercise, healing boot, sit with both legs out in front of you on the floor. Rest your hands on top of your knees for support if needed. Press down through the balls of your feet until you've raised up onto the tips of your toes – but only as high as is comfortable without pain or strain. Hold this position for two seconds before returning back down through your heels until you're back in starting position sitting on the floor again. Repeat this exercise 10 times at first, wearing supportive shoes, working up to 20 reps each time over several weeks or months after healing has progressed sufficiently. Be sure not to lock or hyperextend (over-extend) any joint when raising up into standing positions during daily activities throughout recovery and beyond; doing so places stress upon healed fractures that could result in additional damage or re-fracturement


The best shoe after a calcaneal fracture should be chosen carefully. Try to find something lightweight, breathable, supportive and adjustable in order to minimize discomfort. Look for shoes with good traction and cushioning that will help reduce strain on your feet when walking or running. Additionally, make sure the pair fits properly so you don't develop any blisters or sore spots while wearing them. Lastly, choose a pair of shoes that match your activity level – if you're going to be doing lots of sports then get something more suitable for sport rather than an office-friendly style. With these factors in mind you should be able to find the perfect pair of shoes after your injury heals!

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot | Walker for Fracture Recovery, Protection and Healing after Foot or Ankle Injuries (Small) Small (Pack of 1)

BraceAbility Post-op Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe | Medical / Surgical Walking Shoe Cast Boot, Stress Fracture Brace & Orthopedic Sandal with Hard Sole (LARGE - MALE) Male Large (Pack of 1)

Medline ORT30300WM Semi-Rigid Post-Op Shoe, Medium, Women, Black

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